Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gallifrey Base Random MP3 picks top 50 - March to November 2011

Ooh, first post in ages - bit cobwebby in here...

Anyhoo, I've been whiling away some free time by - shock, horror - putting together a list.

At the excellent Gallifrey Base we have for a while had a thread where people post a random selection of 10 songs from their mp3 player of choice, as is common in many places. Sometime in March 2011, someone had the bright idea of picking their favourite song(s) from the previous poster's list, before then posting their own.

What I've been doing is collecting those picks and keeping a record of picks per artist. Where more than one person has picked from any particular list, I've allowed all those picks, except where they are duplicated - i.e. a song can be picked from one list once and once only (though it can certainly be picked again if it later comes up on another list.) Similarly, though admittedly a little more abitrarily, I'm only allowing an artist to be picked once per list, so if poster A includes 8 Radical Cleric tracks in their list, and the next poster is also a Radical Cleric fan, I'll only count one pick for Radical Cleric off that list.Where duets or collaborations are picked, I've used common sense (?!?) in determining whether to credit each artist separately(Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot) or as a pair (Hall and Oates, Oakey and Moroder.)

Anyway, as of November 2011, over 930 artists have been represented. The top 50 (and ties) stood like this:

 David Bowie 69
Beatles 51
Queen 46
Iron Maiden 39
Duran Duran 32
Clash 28
Metallica 28
Depeche Mode 26
Pulp 26
10  Madness 22
Ultravox 22
12  Levellers 20
13  Bee Gees 18
Scissor Sisters 18
15  Jam 17
Pink Floyd 17
17  ELO 16
Manic Street Preachers 16
19  Marillion 15
New Order 15
Pogues 15
White Stripes 15
23  Blondie 14
Helloween 14
Stranglers 14
Toyah 14
27  Blur 13
Tears for Fears 13
29  Chumbawamba 12
30  AC/DC 11
Adam & The Ants 11
Johnny Cash 11
Muse 11
Slayer 11
Slipknot 11
36  Cure 10
Foo Fighters 10
Gary Numan 10
Kate Bush 10
OMD 10
Police 10
Specials 10
Who 10
44  ABC 9
Bjork 9
Buggles 9
Dubstar 9
Franz Ferdinand 9
Heaven 17 9
Ian Dury 9
Kirsty MacColl 9
Korn 9
Led Zeppelin 9
Smiths 9
Soft Cell 9
Spandau Ballet 9
Sparks 9
Thin Lizzy 9
Visage 9
Yazoo 9

 I'll try to post updates after every couple of months' worth of posts, until I get up to date, at which point if I still have the will to live, I'll update it a little more frequently. Next post will see how things have developed by Christmas 2011...

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