Monday, 4 July 2011

Top Seven... 5-minute cartoons

As ever, myself, Martin and Matt each picked three choices which were laughed at and voted on by the other two to create a final and definitive top 7. On this occasion the rejected choices were Paddington and The Perishers, so you know the threshold is pretty high...

1. The Clangers (Mr Postgate, we are not worthy)

2. The Magic Roundabout  (original series, none of your Nigel Planer nonsense thankyouverymuch)

3. Roobarb & Custard (original series, though the new ones were OK too)

4. Willo the Wisp (oh, go on, stop messing about...)

5. Dangermouse (the only rebel entry in an otherwise BBC 5.40 dominated list, but the original series was in 5-minute chunks, so I had to let it in)

6. The Wombles (the Cribbster! My favourite is still Wellington, though.)

7. Ivor the Engine (just for a change the remake, as we've not seen the original B/W episodes)

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