Sunday, 5 June 2011

Top 7 Children's TV Presenters

1 Johnny Morris (Animal Magic) - my hero while growing up [tc]

2 Tony Hart (Vision On, Take Hart) [M] - all-round top bloke [mi]

3 Johnny Ball (Think of a Number) [T] - an inspiration (just don't google for his recent activity...) [tc]

4 Kenneth Williams (Jackanory) - pushing the definition slightly, but he was always there back in the day [dm]

5 Brian Cant (Playaway) - the face and voice of '60s and '70s TV for those of us growing up then [mi]

6 Janet Ellis (Blue Peter, Jigsaw) - because we couldn't have a list without a BP presenter. Oh and she was utterly gorgeous, as well... [tc]

7 Bernard Cribbins (Jackanory) - see avuncular (adj.) [mi]

As ever, all comments and pointing out of glaring omissions welcome...

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