Sunday, 5 June 2011

Introduction & Top Sevens

Hello world, this is Tân. After 14 years online and three defunct websites, this is my first blog, so expect dancing babies, oodles of unskippable flash animations and... no, actually, I think it'll just be text, with maybe the occasional piccie.

The inspiration for the blog was a conversation with a couple of friends on a car journey, during which we shamelessly ripped off an idea from the wondefrul Retrogaming Roundup podcast and decided to come up with our own series of Top Seven lists (RRU has top tens, but we can't count that high...)

In brief, we each choose three picks on a given topic, then the other two decide whether the picks are worthy of inclusion and how high - obviously with nine picks there will be two that don't make it, ensuring that all the picks chosen make the grade with at least two thirds of us. The first list will be posted almost immediately, so look out for our Top Seven Children's TV Presenters...

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