Saturday, 16 July 2011

Top 7... 70s Sitcoms

More precisely British 70s sitcoms, defined as those whose prime years were pre-Thatcher. Some heated debate here, but after swiftly rejecting by a two-thirds majority On The Buses and The Good Life we finally decided on:

1 Fawlty Towers (mi) - Much as we like to break with tradition, not having this top would be just perverse.

2 Are You Being Served? (mi) - lost its way in later years but the early series are still mostly hilarious

3 George & Mildred (tc) - a rare example of a spinoff completely outclassing its parent, this took the Man About the House landlords and created a classic 2-hand snipefest

4 Sykes (tc) - Eric and Hattie, ably supported by Derek Guyler, offering subtly absurd fare as only they could

5 The Life & Death of Reginald Perrin (tc) - also of the absurd, but this time faintly subversive to boot. And with a hippopotamus. That probably tasted like a Ukrainian unicyclist's jockstrap.

6 Rising Damp (dm) - more Rossiter, what's not to like?

7 Porridge (dm) - and we couldn't leave out Mr Barker's ouvre, could we?

No space for the likes of Dad's Army, or even the Likely Lads - good but not in any of our top threes, so not eligible to be in the top seven, sadly. If you want to tell us they should have been, or indeed suggest any others we've missed, please do leave a comment, we're very open to persuasion. Or bribery. or threats...

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