Friday, 7 December 2012

Specvent Calendar Day 7 - Match Day II

Match Day II (Ocean, 1987)

Yep. Not from 1983. Not even the original 1984 Match Day, ground-breaking as that was in its day. No, Match Day II gets my nod because this was the game we used to have footie tournaments on at Uni. As well as player vs player and player vs CPU, you could also team up against the poor unsuspecting Spectrum (which generally thrashed the pair of you, of course.) It was also the first game I played to incorporate back-heels - see that meter at the top? It determined the strength with which your heroic shlob would kick the ball, and if it was on -1, back it went, ususally to general hilarity and teeth-gnashing. Firing it up tonight in the light of all that's come since it seems borderline unplayable, but such is often the way with pioneers...

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