Friday, 7 December 2012

Specvent Calendar Day 6 - Tranz Am

Probably Tombstone, Arizona...

Tranz Am (Ultimate, 1983)

OK, finally a choice that's going to be in some other people's list of favourite games, this was a simple (16K!) top-down racer in the Hitch-hikers Guide mode, i.e. you stay still and the universe moves around you. All you had to do was collect the eight cups randomly hidden on a map about 50 times the size of the playing area, while avoiding crash cars and scenery, topping up with fuel regularly and not letting the engine overheat by driving too fast... in hindsight it's probably a lesser game than Pssst!, which came out from the same company at the same time, but it was this one that got played night after night after school...

Short entry today 'cos I'm feeling lousy - sorry! Promise there's some games coming up which weren't release in 1983... probably.

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